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Here we go again...
Google blacklisted our domain because our white hat hacker discovered an exploit, before we could fix the issue, Google blacklisted us. We have requested a review, it will get approved, but the warning may show on the web site for days because we will have to wait for everyone to get an updated blacklist with our site removed.  Feel free to communite with us on our Twitter account.
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5 HIV Patients Left Virus Free With No Need For Daily Drugs In Early Vaccine Tri

The vaccine gives the immune system the ability to flush out HIV by itself, meaning daily antiretroviral drugs aren't needed - one man has been f...
The Truth About Blogging The New Life In Christ

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5 Shocking Things You Will Learn Growing As A Christian The New Life In Christ

We all at a point in time have tried to live a life we have no idea about. As humans we want to know and feel. Because we tried to live without knowin...
Funeral of the King Alexander of Greece - YouTube

Funeral of the King Alexander of Greece