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Member since: 04 Apr, 2016
Location: Clearwater, FL
About me:
Clearwater, FL – SuperGreenInc is introducing the next generation of water heaters that will not only produce more hot water compared to competition, but will be able to use less energy and save consumers money! Patented technology generates and amplifies FAR INFRARED ENERGY inside the Quartz tube. This process heats the tubes to over 200F (100C) in a matter of seconds. Next our Engineers incorporated controllers to match the speed of the Quartz tubes to provide rapid and effective control of the tubes to maintain the closest tolerance of any kind. In addition, unlike other water heaters, SuperGreen systems will not be affected by corrosion. This means our systems will maintain peak efficiency for many years. With this in mind, consumers will not have to pay for maintenance as they do for water heaters containing metallic coils. Continuing with our commitment to safety, our Engineers added over heating safety features to protect everyone who came in contact with our new hot water generator, beginning with the installing contractor. Lastly, we added Leakage Current Protection controls and over current protection from unstable utility or environmental conditions from inclement weather. Whether you’re on the go, relaxing at home, or managing a hotel with 350 rooms, there’s SuperGreen solution ready for you. For more details visit


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